COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss gives ‘Junglewasis’ a chance to return to the main house, but at a cost!



In the previous episode, COLORS’ Bigg Boss noted how the contestants were not taking the competition seriously and decided to set them straight with his decision. The contestants got the baap of all jhatkas as Bigg Boss sent them straight to the jungle and opened two eviction slots. However, there is no end to the agony of ‘Junglewasis’ as they receive yet another announcement.

The contestants have been divided into pairs. Each pair has a chance to gain entry in the main house using the ‘access ticket’, but it comes at a cost. The pairs not only have to win the assigned task but also face a deduction of a certain amount from their prize money should they enter the main house. Moreover, the jungle will also start taking away the necessities required for survival. The contestants thus have no choice but to face the deduction and enter the main house.

In the chaos that ensues, the jungle witnesses a few surprising moments! Jay and Pratik, who have been rivals since day one, start working together as a team. They are on a mission to not let anybody win and Pratik starts ruining the task for others. Tejasswi gets furious and yells at him, “Tu sirf yehi kar sakta hai! Dusron ko girana, yeh hi teri soch hai!” She also gets upset at Jay for supporting him, who stands his ground and even defends him! He says, “He’s not my friend but he’s right!” So rivals are working as partners, but friends are also turning into foes in this tricky jungle!


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