Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t want accusers called ‘victims’ at trial



Ghislaine Maxwell is fighting to ban any of her accusers from being called “victims” at her upcoming sex-trafficking trial — as well as any mention of “rape” by her late boss Jeffrey Epstein, court documents show.

The accused madam’s legal team filed motions in Manhattan federal court late Monday seeking to have 13 items excluded ahead of her trial next month.

They include a “motion to preclude testimony about any alleged ‘rape’ by Jeffrey Epstein” as well as a “motion to preclude reference to the accusers as “victims” or “minor victims.”

Others include a bid to “exclude evidence related to accuser-3,” who was not identified in the filing, as well as any law enforcement witnesses from offering “expert opinion testimony.”

The filing also seeks to forbid any mention of “alleged flight,” preventing prosecutors from suggesting the 59-year-old media heiress was on the run when she was busted in July last year in a New Hampshire estate called “Tucked Away.”

A Building on the 156 acre property where Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in the remote town of Bradford, NH in the state's lake's region.
Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in the remote town of Bradford, New Hampshire, in July 2020.
Josh Reynolds for NY Post

Another motion was to “exclude evidence of Ms. Maxwell’s alleged false statements” and “allegations related to the perjury counts” from her earlier on-the-record testimony in lawsuits.

There is also a motion to “exclude items purportedly seized during search of 358 El Brillo Way on October 20, 2005” — referring to Epstein’s former mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

Judge Alison Nathan has yet to rule on the motions.

Maxwell has been held without bail since her arrest, accused of procuring underage girls for multimillionaire pedophile Epstein to abuse in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Virginia Roberts talks about how she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly had sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17.
Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001.

She’s pleaded not guilty to the charges and requested five times that she be let out on bail pending trial. She was denied each time.

Her legal team has repeatedly complained about conditions in her Brooklyn lockup, as well as unfair press coverage that they’ve argued left her “tried, convicted, and condemned in the court of public opinion.”

The next hearing is a telephone conference Thursday ahead of a “firm trial date” of Nov. 29.

Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial for sex trafficking in a Lower Manhattan jail cell shortly after his arrest in 2019.


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