Gurmeet Choudhary went through grueling training sessions in order to play a visually impaired person in his film, Shubho Bijoya



Actor Gurmeet Choudhary is known to give it his all for every performance that he takes up. “Shubho” from the film Shubho Bijoya is no different. However, Shubho required more out of Gurmeet in the sense of mental and physical training. This is because even though Shubho is seen as a much sought after fashion photographer in the film, which meant smart blazers, six pack abs, and a man on the go. Halfway through, you see him going through a transformation that takes him from a confident man to a visually impaired person. Whereas one can train physically to get into shape for a certain role, from following a strict diet and workout regime to ensuring that your 6 pack abs are in place on the days of shoot, but in order to play someone who has lost their vision, that takes mental training that can be emotionally draining for any actor.

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The trainer who trained Ayushmann Khurrana for the film Andhadun, Hemendra Pratap Singh, who is visually impaired himself, is the same one who trained Gurmeet for this role as well. The 2 of them spent hours together, perfecting the simple nuances like Gurmeet’s walk, how he lifts certain objects, how he responds to sound, etc. Speaking on this, Gurmeet says that, “I have new found respect, admiration and awe for every person who does not have their sight. I feel no pity whatsoever, because they are so empowered within their own-selves. They have 4 other senses and these senses enable them to do anything and everything. Working alongside — and my director, Ram Kamal Mukherjee and also my Bijoya, my wife Debina, this film showed me how emotionally fragile one can be. It required me to go into my soul, find that visually impaired person and play it with perfection and conviction. The film is now out and the reaction is truly humbling for me.”

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Ever since the film, Shubho Bijoya released on the OTT platform Big Bang, fans have had the most positive reaction worldwide. Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s ace direction with the fact that Gurmeet and Debina have come together onscreen as a couple after 11 years, makes Shubho Bijoya a film that was truly awaited by one and all. Gurmeet and Debina’s performances have garnered praise across all spheres as well.


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