Vidhi Pandya: “Vishal is the most manipulative person in the Bigg Boss house. I didn’t like the kind of games he played.”



Bigg Boss 15’s latest eviction Vidhi Pandya speaks exclusively to Cine Blitz after exiting the show.

You left the Bigg Boss house a bit early…

Yes, it was unexpected. But I believe in destiny; jitna likha hota hai aap ko utna hi milta hai. But I am very happy with the journey I had in the house. I am happy that the audience did not evict me but it was the inmates who decided on my eviction. Had the audience thrown me out I would’ve felt very bad. I would’ve thought I failed to make that connection with the audience.

Friends in the house…

For me, there were only three people who mattered to me in the house. Although they voted me out they always told me Vidhi you need to wake up as they felt I was not doing anything. But my personality is that of a soft hearted person. I cannot plan or strategise. I know it is a game show but I cannot change for the game. I did feel that I was a bit misfit but I was not so much that I’d be thrown out of the house in three weeks. But I have received immense love from the audience.

Had it been for the audience, I would’ve stayed in the house for more than six weeks for sure if not more. But they gave power in the hands of the contestants and I was evicted. I know each one of them is playing their game and I don’t want to put my energy into judging any of them. I just want to enjoy this phase of the audience’s love.

Who is the most manipulative in the Bigg Boss house?

One person who I found manipulative was Vishal. I really didn’t like the kind of games he played. He may be a good person but when it comes to games he would boast that he was the only one using his brain and intellect in the house.

Excessive violence in the house…

All of them were very energetic and all of them would lose their senses in every task which was given to them and would forget what is right and wrong. It was reduced after Salman Khan pulled all of them.

One lesson learnt from Bigg Boss house…

I learnt that don’t change yourself for the show, believe in what you are and be what you are. Maybe you are liked by less people. The made up face for the show may take you far and you may win the show but in the end your personality will be exposed and you will vanish. For me, just be true to yourself and I have seen it myself that the kind of love and respect I got from the audience I cannot express it in words.

Does Bigg Boss make people’s careers?

It is very early for me to answer this question on a personal level as it has not been even a day that I have come out of the house. It is not true that sab ka achcha hota hai. But people who get attention do get work. But I don’t know how much attention I have got but I hope and pray that I get good projects.

Salman Khan…

He is very honest and a great mediator. He is the only person who tells us what is right and wrong from the audience’s point of view. He even shouts and scolds the contestants and also appreciates people. He took a stand on Pratik and said it was wrong.


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